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Parents seeking quality childcare should be asking many, many questions when seeking professional care for their children. There are important questions to be asked when it concerns the safety and well-being of your child. (Please see “10 Things Parents Should Look For In Finding Quality Childcare”). Below are some of the questions that parents most often ask us. We strongly suggest a tour of any facility you are considering. Talk with staff and ask questions, view the surroundings, atmosphere, etc. Answers to these initial questions will help

What are your rates?

Cradle Inn Daycare Center’s tuition rates are comparable to area daycare facilities, and are often lower. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care for your child, while recognizing that child care costs can take a large bite out of a family’s weekly budget.

Cradle Inn Daycare Center invites prospective clients to visit and tour our modern, safe and inviting facility, meet with our trained caregivers, talk with the staff and become familiar with our comprehensive services and programs.

Touring a facility is a must. You will be able to determine what is important in the proper care of your child and then be able to compare facilities “apples for apples” as they say. Only by inspecting the physical surroundings and talking to the staff can a parent truly compare the differences each childcare facility has and how your hard-earned dollars are being spent. Simply getting rates over the phone can be very misleading.

What Services Do You Provide?

Cradle Inn provides full and part time childcare care for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years old. We also provide a before and after school program for school aged children up to the age of 12 years old. We offer convenient hours for the standard “8-5” worker, and also will meet the needs for parents who have a more challenging work schedule.

What is the difference between an “In-Home Daycare” and a Childcare Facility?

The major difference between “in-home” daycare and a daycare center is in the regulations that are mandated by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). For example, a Daycare Center is required to have all full time staff members complete a comprehensive training program that must include at least 30 hours training per year. Part time staff are required to complete 18 hours per year. Daycare Centers are required to have at a minimum, a health care consultant on call at all times. All staff members must have a complete Criminal Background check conducted by the State of Maine and be fully vetted to work in a daycare center. Daycare centers are required to have a structured education program to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten.

What does a typical day look like?

Cradle Inn Daycare offers a complete and structured day for your child. We start by warmly welcoming your child to the daycare and providing a USDA-approved breakfast. Morning activities include free playtime or more structured instruction, depending on the child’s age. A mid-morning snack is provided, and then it is off to playtime (weather permitting, outside in the playground). After playtime the children have lunch, engage in a quiet activity and nap. Snacks are provided after naps, followed by structured play (coloring, singing, crafts).

Can I bring my child in earlier than open time or later than closing time?

Cradle Inn Daycare is prepared to meet the needs of the parents in order to provide the best service for the child. When the need arises for early or late care, we accommodate those requests as best as possible. Each request will be discussed between the parents and the owner and an amenable solution will be found.

What kind of food is provided for my child?

Cradle Inn Daycare offers a USDA –approved rotating menu for meals and snacks. We are a peanut-free facility. Should your child have special dietary needs, we will work with you to make certain those needs are met.

How many children are in my child’s room?

Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has strict guidelines for how many staff members are required for a certain number of children. Cradle Inn Daycare follows those guidelines to the letter. This is one of those items that are discussed during the initial interview with the parents.

What training does your staff have?

All staff members must complete between 18 to 30 hours of training each year to maintain State of Maine requirements. As new staff comes aboard, they are immediately put into the training program provided by Maine Roads to Quality (MRTQ) through the University of Maine. Staff members complete such training courses as “Caring for infants, toddlers, and Their Families”, “Foundations of Health, Wellness, and Safety,” and “Maine’s Early Childhood Learning Guidelines”. These are just a few of the dozens of courses provided by the MRTQ team.

Can you explain the feel and environment your daycare has?

Cradle Inn Daycare was developed in order to provide all the benefits of a Daycare Center, yet, maintain the feel of an “in-home atmosphere” daycare. The Center is set up in what was originally a home that was transformed into office space. We have transformed it back to a “home” that includes separate rooms for the different age groups to eat, sleep, and grow independently of the other age groups. We believe in having a fun atmosphere, and being in an environment which is safe, nurturing, stimulating and developmentally challenging. We emphasize the importance of trust, positive social interactions, self-esteem, respect for others, personal health, hygiene practices and communication skills. We feel that each child needs and deserves personal attention and affectionate care. Our goal each day is to make the child’s experience a happy, healthy and stress free environment.

Does Cradle Inn offer part time care?

We have found that when children attend care on a full time basis, they have more stability and continuity in their lives; and are more easily able to adjust to the childcare environment.  Additionally, our experiences have shown that most parents who request part time care end up needing the “off” days at some point – which could be much more costly in the end.

What Kind of Communication With Daycare Providers Can I expect

Proper communication with parents is a must when we are trusted with the care of your child.  Should your child fall and skin a knee, there is an incident report completed detailing the measures taken to care for the child.  We communicate verbally when your child is dropped off; and in writing each day when your child is picked up.  You will receive a “Cuddlegram” from the teacher each day that identifies what your child ate today, how many times your child went to the bathroom, the general day your child has had, and anything that happened during the day that might be of significance.  The Director is always available should the need arise for discussion of specific issues.  At least once per year, there is a formal meeting set up with the parents and the Director to discuss in general the progress your child has made, and to identify any areas that may need more or less attention.